Nose Pour

We are currently delivering in less than 4 weeks from the time we receive your payment.  
We make top punches to fit our bullets for Lyman, Saeco, and RCBS lubersizers for an extra $15.00 including S+H. We also offer vented sprue plates for $15.00 including S+H. The vented sprue plates are standard on nose pour moulds. 
Our moulds are made for Saeco handles which are available from Midway.


Original Sharps

45/2 7/8 paper patch, straight-sided, .450" with paper, cupped base.

$250.00 (S+H Included)

Armory Bullet

This is the Springfield Armory 400gr bullet for the Trapdoor. It has a small hollow base.

$250.00 (S+H Included)

Hollow Base bullet samples

(1.) 58cal. Musket

(2.) 474 Enfield pistol

$250.00 (S+H Included)

Nose Pour Grease Groove



$250.00 (S+H Included)

Vented Sprue Plate

Compatible with both nose and pour moulds. This sprue plate is designed to let air escape while pouring lead from a ladle. This should enable you to cast better bullets. These vented sprue plates are included on all nose pour moulds.

The Ghost Bullet

You will never see it coming!