Nose Pour,__Price $290 [S&H Included]

We are currently delivering in less than 4 weeks from the time we receive your payment.  
We make top punches to fit our bullets for Lyman, Saeco, and RCBS lubersizers for an extra $15.00 including S+H. We also offer vented sprue plates for $15.00 including S+H. The vented sprue plates are standard on nose pour moulds. 
Our moulds are made for Saeco handles which are available from Midway.


Original Sharps

45/2 7/8 paper patch, straight-sided, .450" with paper, cupped base.

Armory Bullet

This is the Springfield Armory 400gr bullet for the Trapdoor. It has a small hollow base.

Hollow Base bullet samples

(1.) 58cal. Musket

(2.) 474 Enfield pistol

Nose Pour Grease Groove



Vented Sprue Plate

Compatible with both nose and pour moulds. This sprue plate is designed to let air escape while pouring lead from a ladle. This should enable you to cast better bullets. These vented sprue plates are included on all nose pour moulds.



Top Punches



The Ghost Bullet

You will never see it coming!