Base Pour, __Price $240 [S&H included]

We are currently delivering in less than 4 weeks from the time we receive your payment. 
We make top punches to fit our bullets for Lyman, Saeco, and RCBS lubersizers for an extra $15.00 including S+H. We also offer vented sprue plates for $15.00 including S+H. The vented sprue plates are standard on nose pour moulds. 
Our moulds are made for Saeco handles which are available from Midway.


This is the nose I have used in most of my Silhouette shooting and it works very well.


45cal.            420gr-600gr

40cal.            300gr-450gr


New Postel

Lyman makes this bullet they call the Postel but it is much more pointed that the original Postel. This is a proven bullet.


45 cal.               500-600gr

40 cal.               300gr-450gr



The famous Paul Jones Creedmoor-a true classic.


45cal.             415gr-600gr

40cal.             320gr-450gr



Original Postsell

Slightly more rounded (heavier in the nose) than the Creedmoor. Very old design. The original good bullet style.


45 cal.               450-600gr

40 cal.               350gr-450gr


1881 Armory Bullet

Slightly more round than the original Postel. This is the bullet developed by the Springfield Armory for the 500grain load for the trap door.

45 cal.               450-600gr

40 cal.               350gr-450gr




The old standard.



45 cal.               400-600gr

40 cal.               350gr-450gr



Paper Patch

Any nose style. These are three paper patch using the Creedmoor nose. One is straight sided and the other two are two dimensional.





Flat Nose

These are best for hunting as they do flatten out some. Most other nose shapes just punch on through, even on larger animals. In Schuetzen, the flat point punches out a nicer hole in the paper and seems to shoot very well.

45 cal.               400-600gr

40 cal.                250gr-450gr

Truncated Cone

Brad Rice of Denver, Co. has used a Lyman nose pour mould with a truncated cone similar to this for several years. He placed 2nd overall in 2003 and won the Nationals in 2004 using one similar, so I had to try one and I found it works very well.

45 cal.               420-600gr

40 cal.               300gr-450gr




1863 Sharps Percussion bullets


Flat base and ring tail.

$190.00 (S+H Included)

1863 Sharps Ring Tail


Ring Tail



1863 Sharps Ring Tail


Ring Tail


Hollow Point bullet samples

(1.) 12 Bore

(2.) 45cal. Rifle

(3.) 50cal. Rifle

Gas Check





Vented Sprue Plate

Compatible with both nose and base pour moulds. This sprue plate is designed to let air escape while pouring lead from a ladle. This should enable you to cast better bullets. These vented sprue plates are included on all nose pour moulds.


Top Punches


Ghost bullet

You will never see it coming!