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To place an order for a custom mould, please fill out the following information.  Once we receive this information, we will review it.  Because our products are so user specific, we would like to contact you directly with any questions we might have about your mould.  We try to ensure our customers security and privacy with online orders.  Please contact us with any questions.
Please fill out the following form which will be emailed directly to us.  Let us know about any questions or comments you may have. Please provide us with as much contact information as possible so that we may reach you. Thank-you.

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Bullet Dimensions
Please reveiw the following diagram and enter in the
appropriate measures you would like to request for
your custom mould. Please add the Nose Shape below.
Nose Shape
Bullet Weight
(eg 500 grains)
Barrel Manufacturer
Alloy (lead/tin
eg 30/1)
Nose Diameter
(eg .449")
Base Diameter
(eg .459")
Seating Depth
(eg .65")
Number of
Grooves (eg 5)
Bullet Length
(eg 1.45")
Rifling Twist
Meplat (custom nose size eg .25")
  Special Instructions  

Custom Moulds

As SEASONED BPCRS competitors, and as a two time national champion and a 3 time second overall (who is not competing anymore) we can and will give you any advice you want on designing your custom bullet mould. We have made many winning bullet designs and want to keep our business strong by helping you.
Our moulds are made of cast iron which we machine & heat stress relieve twice before the bullet cavity is cut.  Our precision machined cast iron blocks fit Saeco handles.  Lathe boring allows almost any nose design, groove layout or dimension.  We make custom moulds to almost any design from .22” to 10 bore(.775”).  We make our own tooling for every mould and do not charge extra for uncommon designs.  We also make hollow base and hollow point moulds.